I lovelove making artart && tellingtelling stories.stories.

Yuvraj Jha

Concept Artist & Writer of Absurdities

Disco Diffusion

AI Assistant

I’ve never really enjoyed talking about myself much, but I think it’s important that I tell you why you should work with me and support my work 🙂

I work as a freelance concept artist. But over the years I have been part of teams in many capacities including that of project manager, production assistant, researcher. But my core specialisation is visual development and world building and I have had the good fortune of working with many incredible people to create entertainment products, as well as research driven speculative design.

After the unnamed virus of unspecified origins opened my eyes, at the beginning of 2022 I decided to change the direction I was headed. You see, even though I have developed other peoples projects for many years, there was forever a lingering feeling that I never got around to doing all those things that got me started in the first place. Money and all got in the way, you know. And so I began my very own journey of building my portfolio of independent work. More on this as it happens.

But I should also summarise that I’m a weirdo who likes to work as a one-man operation for the most part. I function best under stress, but as I grow older I like the taste of it less and less, I absolutely hate short deadlines, I hate all nighters, I hate public speaking, I hate phone calls, I hate just about everything you read about getting ‘hustle culture’. I just like to make art, design some worlds and tell stories that are cool and bring laughter, insights and MONEY!

And if you’re here, you probably want the same or something similar and I hope I can help!

  • Netflix India

  • Quicksand Design Studios

  • Humanitarian Leadership academy

  • Plexus Motion

  • Asian Development Bank

  • Gamoteca

  • International Labour Organisation

  • And many more...

Connect: jha@monkeyverse.injha@monkeyverse.in