I makemake art && telltell stories.stories.

Hey, I am Yuvraj Jha. Nice to emeet you and thanks for visiting my website 🙂

I am a freelance concept artist and Illustrator. And aspire to hone my skills as a fiction writer. As an artist I specialise in visual development and world building for entertainment, as well as research driven speculative design.

But since the work is abundantly visual I will let my portfolio speak for itself 🙂

In late 2021, I also shifted gears a bit to incubate and develop some indie projects that I had been pushing aside for many, many years.

One of those projects; The Thousand Arms, is an illustrated novel about a late teen and his whimsical fancies of delusions of grandeur soaked in the golden bubbles of alcohol. It is a love story at heart, but of a young one and his addiction.

Inspired by the style of illustrated literary fiction, such as the books of Robert E. Howard, with illustrated key frames, I plan to publish the project as a physical novella and digital serialised episodes.

Along with this I have also been developing shorter narratives which I plan to submit to writing competitions and fiction magazines. You can read samples on the stories page.

People I have worked with 🙂

  • Netflix India

  • Quicksand Design Studios

  • Humanitarian Leadership academy

  • Plexus Motion

  • Asian Development Bank

  • Gamoteca

  • International Labour Organisation

  • And many more...