The Pamphlet

Suddenly, a sparkling pamphlet, jittering with colours, filled the sides of her vision. The digital relay crisp and readable — beckoned her to read.

— This must be some new kind of marketing. She thought, surprised that it had appeared in the first place. I should reconfigure my Ad blockers.

Curiously she started reading and as her mind scanned the image, something in her started to move. Her heart slowly sinking.



A Warm Welcome from ERASER Foundation.
ERASER Foundation is a company working to clean and reduce plastic waste in the Yamuna. Over the last century and a half, a river that was praised with poetry has turned into an utterly lifeless concoction of putrid waste; its waters dense and dark. And for whatever illusion of a waste management strategy the present corporate government has been implementing, it clearly has not been successful.

This is the time to change things people! Our team invites you to join us at various locations along the Yamuna on Sunday, March 14, 2100 for day full of exciting events and workshops.


The ERASER Workshop

– Strategies for sustainable development and scaling of plastic removal.

– Methods for organising citizens initiative to reduce pollution consumption.

– Meeting ragpickers that help clean the river on a daily basis.

– Practice sessions for water purification.

– Waste cleanup drive.

– Protest design.

The Workshop is meant for an all ages, young social entrepreneurs, citizen activists. In short, anyone and everyone interested. This is a great first step to take and we hope that you will take it with us for all of our collective future.
*The workshop is free of cost.




There was gentle panic in her chest. Part excitement, and part fear. Her stiff back facing the mirrors, she quietly continued to clean the blood from the reusable cotton.

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