Mind of My Mind.

Mind of My Mind is a fantasy illustration about a man attempting to put a landmine in the path of a waking dawn. This was the first exploration for a short narrative compilation I have been working on.

If you like the image grab a print here.

Mind of My Mind #shortstory

Now the dawn awakes
in purple splendour,
a drunken mist
on dancing feet.

In celebration swing
those branching eyes,
to golden hymns
and yawning skies.

While a sleeping
blurry ignorance,
insists I disturb,
the waters of no reflections,
with my thoughts
wet in the salt
of misconceptions,
that refuse to awaken.

— Be quiet. He yelled to the mind of his mind. Angry at the faces within. Hear; the final cacophony awaits.

Speaking he lays the mine before those feet. His face smiles, the wrinkles disappear. The stress of epochs softens into the now.

Clouds swirl in mirth; the jungle laughing in the winds witnesses — silently.

The final conch blows. And then; kaboom; a bang. The loudest sound of them all and the brightly lit dawn is engulfed.

Red awakening.