2022 Global Marketing Trends, Sustainability & No-code tools for startups

Over the last few months I have been working on setting up ‘Bandar Chaap’ and studying marketing trends and automation tools to create a short term roadmap.

This Deloitte Global marketing trends report has been very informative even for a micro-business like mine. One of its suggestions is that finding sustainable methods for the different stages, including production and distribution even at a small scale seems to have longer term implications that outweigh the short term cost inhibitions. Which I have plenty of. haha Budget man!

And to bring up one specific roadblock — Packaging. I really have a problem with plastic. It is everywhere and there is no solution for it. Recycling does not work! So one of the guiding principles was to only use biodegradable water soluble packaging to start with. But finding cost effective resources has been a challenge at my scale. Currently I am using the water soluble packaging by Brown Living. It is quite good in case you want to try it as well.

I also found this powerful no-code dashboard for social media management, automation, content creation, and marketing and sales for startups on Jens Lennartsson’s newsletter.

And to bring things down to more realistic levels for starting from zero, the ‘content strategy creator funnel’ and ‘Who will amplify this and why?’ are good reading for absolute beginners.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

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