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PRAJNA | Character Sketch | 03

It is time.

To address that thing — the visual language and art direction of The Thousand Arms.

I had previously planned to start in January of 2023, but I keep feeling like I lack the ability to take on this task so I decided to start a bit earlier. Also, getting back into the habit of doing this everyday is going to help when the project ultimately does start.

Over the last year, I had made some iterations and sketches for one of the characters called Prajna. But now, I am going to use her as a spring board to jump into designing the visual style that can then be carried on to the other characters and also hopefully define the visual language of the world. More on this later in the project update that is coming up.

These are mostly explorations of forms, proportions and shapes and once I settle on something I will fork the process into character definition and costume design. But that will take some time.

I have also been posting the development process on my Youtube channel. Please consider subscribing to support the work 🙂 And if you have any thoughts on the explorations so far please leave a comment below or message me on twitter.

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