Visual development though character design

PRAJNA | Character Design | 04

Continuing with ‘Prajna’ for The Thousand Arms.

From what I have so far, I am more inclined to explore the ‘Anime-ish’ visual style. The slightly skewed yet humanistic proportions work as a style.

But in terms of the art style itself. I think it lack violence and madness. It lacks movement. And I feel that that is because I tend to draw clean, which sadly is my rather narrow perspective on ‘Beauty’ it seems. But changing my unconscious thoughts might be too elaborate a task to attach to character design and visual development at this point. The project might never come to in that case. haha

But speaking of lines I do want it emulate the harness of truth and comedy. An unstable mind shining through the mirror of these marks. Constantly shifting to leave an uncomfortable confusion in the mind of the viewer.

I also tried a costume design. Not liking it at all though — She is wisdom. She should flow.

I have also been archiving the process on Youtube in this playlist.

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