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Continuing on the ‘Oracles’ explorations for ‘The Thousand Arms’.

Death feels natural and yet terrifying. it contains with it an untethered connection to that which I shall become. It is not uncommon to ponder about the end of this being that we are. And yet we are overrun by fear every time we think of it. As if it is an end.

We are mostly afraid to let it all go at the hands of that one certainty — The most tenacious of all fortunes. But it is not the darkness that is terrifying. It is our aversion to change. Our fear of the unknown. As Alan Watts puts it: Death is the necessary counterpart to life.

But then what is life? A swirling vein of imaginings in the emerald chalice of death.


This beautiful animation Think of Nothing sums it up better than anything I have ever come across.

‘Death’ as presented in Tarot cards (Labyrinthos)

Although it is the Tarot card that many people fear, Death generally does not mean physical death. It usually signifies spiritual transformation and a time of change and new beginnings, not actual death! The transformation or change that Death can bring can be difficult, unexpected, sudden or even traumatic but it will bring with it a new lease of life. Its best to try not to resist the change the Death Tarot card brings as resisting it will only make the transition difficult and painful. Instead try to embrace the change as a fresh start. This Major Arcana card can also signify the need to let go of old issues or beliefs when it appears in a Tarot spread. It may be telling you that you need to draw a line under the past in order to move forward in a positive direction. A Death card transformation can be a bit of a shock to the system but ultimately it’s a positive one.

Death can also mean that you need to let go of any unhealthy attachments that you have in your life. This is an important part of life, so learning to keep moving forward is one of the lessons Death teaches us.

Concept art for the Death tarot card

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