Picking Plums | Illustration

Greetings fellow passengers! I cant believe that its December already. Mental shit!

The Thousand Arms seems to be coming along nicely, though not on schedule. But I think I was a little too optimistic about the writing time 🙂

First time. Over confidence. And what not!

But I am happy with where it is headed. Over the last few months, it has come down from a lakh-something words to seventy thousand, basically chopped all the fat. Which has made the prose more poetic. But it still needs a massive amount of work.

All that said, I had been ignoring the visual development for the project so far because things kept changing a bit too much. Not to mention that it was over whelming to work on both things. But last week I felt like I should get back to some of the WIP I had half defined in the pipeline.

So picking on picking plums again.

I still like the general aesthetic of her features on the left and feel like that is the direction I am going to go with for the larger worldbuilding as well, but for this particular illustration, from among the previous thumbnails I liked the one on the right in the above image.

But I can never decide so I thought I’ll do some hanging in the trees sketches. I think the pose is way too affirming and dominant in some — so; meh!

But hey — its progress.

On the side, I also made some AI sketches just because its too easy to not. I like something about some of them, but the artist in me is too critical to take them as they are. Will see how I can use them in the future.

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