Looking Up

“Bored, he stared at the fan going round and round.”

I used simple 3D as a base to draw over it for the animation.

But alas! since this is my first animation ever

– It took too long to make.

– It is inconsistent for now. There is a glitch in the loop at some point. I am not sure, if it is because of the compositing or because of the 3D base.

– I know nothing about animation.

In any case, I started with an image for the fan, and since this shot is part of a storyboard I am working on, I chose to go with it because it seemed simple. O’ how wrong I was.

Then the usual process > Line drawing, Cell shading, Shadows, and effects. 

Let me know how you think I can improve this shot.

#animation #illustration #conceptart

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