Mystic Mountains | AI art

I spent the last few weeks testing prompt variations to understand what best I can use Disco Diffusion for. And so far I know that it is not very good at is realistic descriptions, or to be clearer, it mimics other people’s artworks a little too closely with such descriptions.
For more fantasy-based prompts there seems to be much better output. Though I have to confess that it is tougher to find if it emulating an existing artist or not. To remove some amount of similarity I have stopped using ‘Trending on ArtStation’ as part of the prompt. Not sure if it helps or not.
But here are the results so far.

1. Mountains with fantasy creatures

I really like the results here though I am not sure where and how I will be able to use them. Haha

2. Sketches of mountains

Even this turned out fine I guess, barring the obvious lack of perspective.

3. Paintings of mountain landscapes

I am not sure about the original artworks, but I am pretty certain that I have seen American landscape painting similar to these.

To conclude, use AI art at your discretion because it is most definitely using other peoples work to base the images of off and it could get you in trouble for the same.

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