Banlieue du Turfu

A prototype to transcend reality

The project crafts alternative narratives around the Banlieues (suburbs) by capturing the values that emerge from multiple workshops (called Hypercubes) to find compelling metaphors, objects and spaces that can help transform the way the suburbs are understood and interacted with.. It is a collaborative effort to challenge how the Banlieues are seen by its inhabitants and outsiders.

So far, this project has taken many different forms, a book, an interactive podcast, performances and workshops.

“The future was never meant to be simple. The suburb would have to be geographic and virtual, simultaneously. A symbiotic ecosystem that evolves out of the environment and transhumanism…And at this intersection, I saw an opportunity, shuffled my cards, and surrendered to the collective imagination and the futurition of my Suburb.”
- The Architect.

Work In Progress