Wu Wei

A blossom floating,

in the void.

Deep meditation.

Lightening slip through his eyes as they open. Butterflies rise in sudden realisation. A string of pearls moves down from the fractal.


The petal touches his palm. Awakening.

His skin breaks into a wild mesh of butterflies — dispersing the self.

He has returned to the symbols. All things echo him now.

Production Roadmap

PHASE 01 — Pre Production

Story/Plot/Chapter Breakdown
Thumbnails + Concept Art + Storyboard


Production (Pending)

— Manuscript (Second Draft) + Illustrations (Lineart)

— Manuscript (Final Edits) + Scenarios & illustrations (Colour and Light)

Post Production (Pending)

Manuscript (Final Final Edits)  — Because that is how it works! + Scenarios & illustrations (Final Touches and print files)