Bambai Meri Jaan

The Opening Title Sequence for the Amazon Prime Original series “Bambai Meri Jaan” beautifully captures the nighttime allure of Mumbai, juxtaposed with the stirring undercurrents of its darker side. Reflecting the show’s narrative, the sequence illustrates how minor conflicts among the city’s elite can spiral out of control, leading to devastating consequences and loss of lives.

Title Sequence Concept & Direction: Vijesh Rajan
Creative Producer: Yashoda Parthasarthy
Art Director: Yuvraj Jha
CG Lead: Annas Zakhir
Cinematographer: Meghana Chevalam
Editor: Siddharth Kapoor
Title Designer: Manav Dhiman
Animatic: Chandrashekhar Parab

🎞️ Narrative for storyboard movement

In the city, life goes on everyday. There is no pause or a penchant for thought. It is a grind. This city.

But in the air there is something afoot. A scheme. The winds are conspiring.

And then…

There through the equal murmur of the city; a short bang. A small pistol.

The grind goes on. No one has noticed.

Then a bigger a one. BANG! BANG!



But the city keeps moving.

Alas! A big loud BANG shakes the city!

Everything pauses in sudden terror!

Smoke and mayhem.

We zoom out to find the city smoking on the surface of a beating heart.


Plexus Motion:
Plexus Motion