Doctor Who, Savanna Restoration & Glimpsing the Metaverse

Doctor Who

He was a doctor on a tea estate in Assam. He studied at a prestigious college. Like thousands of other medical professionals in rural India, he was also not the person he claimed to be.

Glimpsing the Metaverse: Gaming, Community, and Productivity in the New Normal

Early March 2020, we locked down and logged on. And that accelerated several long-standing theories about the logical progression of the internet and software. Where exactly are we headed?

Our children now attend classes on Zoom. We watch athletes on Twitch instead of the typical TV and SVOD services. The doorbell rings, the daily Amazon delivery shows up, and we briefly remember that there’s a whole layer of the economy we don’t see too often anymore, a physical supply chain fulfilling the requests we make as clicks and taps and voice commands.

How to restore a savanna

Massive tree-planting programmes have come to substitute for the tradeoffs and complexity of restoring real ecosystems

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