Battle of the Gauges, Is Crypto a Ponzi Scam & Ghosts of Calcutta

The railway revolutionised Victorian Britain, but were its trains on the right track? It was difficult to gauge.

Crypto: The Giant Ponzi Scam

This generation’s large-scale swindle is “the future of finance”

Ghosts of Calcutta

Do you believe in ghosts? I do. Not the kind about which we read in horror stories: spirits of the dead doomed to inhabit places; my ghosts are of a different kind, for I see the spirits of dead places inhabiting souls of the living – cities alive in peoples’ minds, trapped in memories, travelling with them from place to place, hoping to find comforts from the past lurking in even the most remote corners of their present.

I write this piece from a place officially called Kolkata since 2001 – and to which those of us who remember the culture and legacy of the space it occupies are prone to refer as Calcutta. This is done out of necessity, lest we forget what it means to us. I do not inhabit that city; rather, it inhabits me.

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