A Warm Hello :)

Big warm hugs to you all in this new year 🙂

There are a lot of exciting updates coming to the Monkeyverse this year — starting with serialised storytelling, speculative fiction, tutorials, merchandise and more. Yippeee!

To recap, thanks to unexpected circumstances, last year was a strange mix of ‘Meh!’ and ‘Woaaah!!’; mashed between heavy disappointments, physical pain, and self-realisations. But that said, I am optimistically looking forward to the coming year and hoping that it will manifest exciting learnings and opportunities.

Since last year, I have been working on writing and visualising a couple of independent projects; one of them being — ‘Thousand Arms of Buddha’ — A dramatic weekly fiction about a young man’s fall into depression, alcoholism, and the gradual deterioration of his mental state. But it happens that, that is just the start of his surreal journey of awakening; full of adventures and strange characters who leave behind confusing answers.

In other updates from last year. My first speculative short story and illustration got published in a magazine. Which I am both surprised and deeply happy about. And I got to conceptualise two massive worldbuilding projects.

In any case, more updates as they come.

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