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Thousand Arms | VizDev Log

It’s been a slow few months on these updates for The Thousand Arms because I have been traveling a lot more. And also because I was focusing on the story development; which went through a handful of rewrites in the last six months.

But there are obviously updates 🙂

The Theater
First, I had been struggling with the theatre design. It seemed too dense and crowded earlier, so I tried to simplify it and make it more moody. I think now I am confused with what direction to take haha Story of my life!

I like the darker more foggy approach, mostly because it signifies that something is off. But the previous version where its more packed, feels more lived in.

Will do some more iterations and see where this goes. May be somewhere in the middle is where I might land. That could give me some artefacts to play with but also give Satori room to move around.

Picking Plums
I decided on a composition where Prajna is standing on a branch and the camera is looking up at her. She is smoking a joint and there will be smoke coming out of her mouth.

It works as a more dominating camera. We are introduced to her as she stands higher to us. Though, I should point out that the character design and costume needs more work. Even the foreground flowers will be replaced this week since they are too dense and make no sense being there, not to mention that the are killing the perspective in the image.

This illustration also has come some way. For now I am keeping the flowers, but I had a whole different idea where the character could be a ‘Nebula’. A womb of stars and galaxies. But maybe I’ll make another one for that. Not sure yet; but until next time 🙂

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