The Fool | Character Design with Disco Diffusion #01

Disco diffusion is the boss of all Image generation AI I think. Personally, I prefer it to Dall-e 2, Midjourney or even Stable diffusion. In the images that I have generated using Disco so far it always feels that there is a mind behind it. That is not to say that the other AI are not immensely fascinating and powerful, just a personal preference I think. For example, I came across this in depth tutorial on How to make a graphic novel using Midjourney, which clearly outlines the steps required and uses creative techniques to illustrate the entire pipeline. But if you want to learn more about Disco diffusion Quick-Eyed Sky has some very informed tutorials that were very helpful for me.

Character design Iterations for The Thousand Arms of Buddha

I been exploring some character designs using Disco Diffusion. The objective being to explore an archetypical ‘Wandering hermit’. So far the outcome has been more fantastical than my current art direction notes but there is a lot of meat in the explorations for them to bridge them back to the visual style I am going for — (Ref: The World of the Mind)

At the moment I am thinking I will develop more of these characters collect a much larger bank before I start working on them. But for now this is EGG-CITING!

— Until next time then 🙂

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